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09 February 2020

Any responsibility or liability to The Travelmart Ltd., its staff, directors , management or shareholders is expressly excluded by any manner or cause beyond its control. Including but not limited to fire, explosion, weather, acts of God, accidents, supply, riots, strikes, insurrections, emergencies, catastrophes, government interventions, war, acts or war , terrorism , financial position , liquidity , controls or otherwise. Liability to tour suppliers is as noted in their terms and conditions as per their brochures.
Valid passports are required for any travel. Failure to have proper documentation ( passports, visas, entry documents) may result in you being denied boarding and/or entry in to the country or countries visited. It is the travellers responsibility to make sure they have a required documentation.
Elective cancellation by the traveler is subject to all terms , conditions , cancellation penalties , additional fees and service charges as noted in tour brochures or correspondence by letter/itinerary’s, fax, or e – mails sent to travel organizer and or person(s) travelling.
Most payments made are not refundable, travel supplier terms and conditions apply. However in the case of the Travelmart’s service fees/charges , these fees are not refundable as they represent compensation to Travelmart for services, research and document preparation. Service charges may be listed as and amount equal to commissions that would normally be due from the tour/travel supplier. These may be part of the total charge or may be listed separately.
It is imperative that all customers are aware of the current world situation and should note that once they are in their destination they must reconfirm their return flights with the airline direct or the destination representatives if they have contact numbers. Should circumstances prevent your return or delay your return the additional costs are the traveller/your responsibility and no compensation will be made for any additional costs that may be incurred.
Insurance plans have exclusions and they do not cover conditions as mentioned in the first paragraph. The policy plan may have additional exclusions, it is very important that you read them and understand your coverage as it may have limitations. Security at all airports is at an increased level and additional time is required to proceed to the aircraft. No refunds are made should you be denied boarding of the aircraft for any reason.
Events or services may cancelled without notice, no compensation will be made for any inconvenience this may cause.
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