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Inaugural Voyage of the "Scenic Crystal"


23 April- Moselle River - Cochem

This morning cruise the stunning Moselle River, where you go through a few river locks. riverlock moselle.bargeRiverlock
Later this morning , nestled on the banks of the river is the romantic town of Cochem a medieval gem, where we will do an afternoon walk and tour. It will make you feel as if you are stepping directly off the ship and into a fairy tale. A beautiful setting with several historical sights to see such as: the 3 Medieval town gates (1332), Gothic parish Church of St. Martin (founded in the 9th Century), Alte Thorschnk, historic half-timbered house (1665) and
visit the Market square where you will find many shops offering wine , peach schnapps and other items of the region. tavernwine tavernmarket squaremarket squareReichsburg
The afternoon tour includes a visit Reichsburg Castle, soaring above the township. The castle was built around 1000AD , destroyed in 1689 by the French and restored by Jacob Ravene in 1868. As you walk through the Castle, you can see why the restoration cost him the equivalent of 5 million gold marks. Dining room had all wooden Cabinetry, chairs, fireplace and these were all elaborately decorated. You will see stairways to nowhere and doors to secret rooms. Knight’s armor and beautiful dance hall.
R dancehall.R armour
You need good pair of shoes here, cobbled stone walkways and several steps to traverse.
Back to the Scenic crystal for a coffee and ...coffe and ...
We depart around 8 pm to Bernkastel